Bible Study

Our Bible Studies typically run during the Church year (September – May), however currently, there is no Bible Study running. We do plan to have Bible Studies in the future. Watch here for Updates!

Previous Subjects of Study

The Apostle Paul

Last year, our Thursday Night Bible Study focused on The Apostle Paul (via Zoom).  Few figures in Christian history are as complicated, controversial, and central as Paul.  We read N.T. Wright’s biography of the Apostle, and a selection of his writings.  We then discussed what Paul wrote, what he likely didn’t, and how the body of work that bears his name continues to inspire much-needed theological reflection.  You may love him, you may hate him, but you cannot ignore him.   

Our study was critical, historical, and personal, as we considered what Paul and his legacy means for the Church, and what his scripture means in our lives today.  

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