Easter 4 – May 3, 2020

The Lord be with you!

When we read John 10, “I am the good shepherd, I am the gate, I am the way,” we are entering into an interpretative debate as to whether the Gatekeeper is a caring shepherd keeping the gate open and protective or a scold seeking to judge and exclude.

Jesus is the gate because Jesus is both our going to God … and God’s coming to us.  As the church, we are not a gatekeeper but a gate.  You have been summoned by Jesus to come through the gate into the newness of life.  But you too are now the gate through which others are being summoned into new life.

Join us in thanking Dooseon Woo, Pianist; Zen Kuriyama, Soloist, and Jessica Schendel, Deacon, Reader and Mission Witness, for their worship leadership this morning. And Sharon Kuhn, again, for her technical skill to put it all together! The order of service is below and a full version is attached.


Jill and Richard Edens

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