Easter 7 May 24, 2020 – Ascension Sunday

This year people – and particularly graduates — are missing commencements.  In the church calendar, this Sunday is Ascension Sunday which in many ways is also a commencement.   We have gotten to the end of the season of Easter.  We have been instructed in the lessons of resurrection.  The risen Jesus is taking leave of his disciples.  Or, more to the point for us, the disciples are commencing into a life of faith and leadership to which they have been prepared.  

The disciples ask, “Is this the time when you will restore the kingdom to Israel?” still not convinced that their new life and calling has commenced.  Even so, a transition of leadership has commenced.

Ron Heifetz (Harvard School of Government) has defined “leadership” as “disappointing people at a rate they can stand.”  While we have a ritualized day when this transition takes place, generally it is not exact.  It goes back and forth as we learn, absorb disappointments, and find that good schools, good parents, good Gods are not helicopters. 

Jesus invited the first disciples – and us – to wait on the Holy Spirit so that we could be prepared by the past but not trapped by it.  With the Holy Spirit – upon whom we wait, we are invited into a living relationship that carries the past forward but changed, owned by you for your life, your community, and your world.  Do not stand looking into heaven.  Commence; begin your calling to bear witness to God’s reign:  a reign of justice and peace, a reign of hope restored, a reign of lasting love.  Commence.  Begin. 

This Sunday you will receive a link to CCW service.  Zen Kuriyama and CCW Choir members are preparing two more pieces of music using the Acappella app.  Dooseon Woo will be playing the piano.  Candace Paquin will be reading scripture.  Mika Higgins will offer a Moment for Mission about Walk for Hunger.

Join us for worship.

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