Summer Worship

This season, we return to our sacred spaces, after a long time away. Our theme for summer worship this year is Ordinary Time, Extraordinary Season. We’ll be hearing from a variety of voices reflecting on time, history, memory, and hope for the future. Wellesley Village Church has a history of increased lay participation in worship during the summer, and we are thrilled to add our voices! 

As we move into this new season of worship, gathering together for the first time in a long time, we think about what it has meant to spend so much time apart. We ask how we can sanctify our time together. We reconsider the ordinary moments that make up our lives, and see them in all of their sacred richness.  

We gather outside the sanctuary (just off the sliding glass doors) for a simple liturgy of song, prayer, and reflection. Meetings are at 7:00pm on certain Wednesday evenings starting June 23rd and going through July 28th (except for 4th of July week). These informal, simple services are a perfect chance to reconnect with one another and imagine what new thing God is doing among us!

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