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Past Events

Christmas Day Worship

December 25, 2022, Online

Wellesley Village Church hosted this year’s online Christmas worship on their YouTube channel. This online service was enjoyed by congregants of all ages in the comfort of their own homes as their own Christmas celebrations unfolded. The service can still be found on the Wellesley Village YouTube channel.

Christmas Eve Worship

December 24, 2022, 5:00PM

This year, we celebrated Christ’s birth with a candle-lit service of lessons and carols.

December 21, 2022 – 7:30pm

On the longest night of the year, we held a contemplative service of comfort and hope. We leaned into the gifts of darkness, the opportunities for rest and renewal, and prepared for the lengthening days ahead. In this season, as the daylight began to wane, we considered what remained, and found hope in communities that kept creating.

Let’s Talk Series
Rebuilding a Life: The Refugee Experience

November 12, 2022, 9:30AM

Dr. Omar Bah, founder of the Refugee Dream Center in Providence, RI, offered stories from his own experience as a refugee fleeing The Gambia after being targeted by state violence for his journalistic work covering the human rights violations, political corruption, and injustice by the totalitarian regime. He also reflected on his experiences supporting other immigrants and refugees from throughout the world through the Refugee Dream Center. A discussion addressing how attendees can be part of the work of supporting refugees in our area followed.

Welcoming Martha Schick

Sunday, May 29, 2022, 9AM at Wellesley Village Church,

CCW plays a vital role in the Pastoral Residency Program at Wellesley Village Church. We worshiped with Wellesley Village Church at 10am when Martha Schick, the next Pastoral Resident, preached. There was then a congregational meeting to confirm her call. 

Feeding Frenzy

March 27, 2022, Village Common, Wellesley Village Church

Feeding Frenzy returned to Wellesley Village Church and CCW was invited to participate! It was the 6th annual Village Church “Feeding Frenzy.” With your help, this year we packaged thousands of nutritious, protein-rich meals to distribute to Ukraine Relief.

Home Improvement In A Warming World: Case Studies

November 16, 2021 – 7:00pm (On Zoom)

Going beyond installing a programmable thermostat and some insulation in the attic…

More than half of a home’s energy bill is spent on heating and cooling. A well-insulated home is a surefire way t help keep your power bill manageable in both winter and summer (if you have air conditioning). Once a home is insulated, the benefits of other energy-saving investments, like new heating and cooling systems, grow. And an energy-efficient home is not only better for your pocketbook, it’s what we all need to do in responding to climate change.

Three local residents, Bill Churchill (from Lincoln), Sarah Maas Scheuplein (from Weston) and Roger Wiegand (from Wayland), shared their own efforts to drive down fossil fuel consumption and decarbonize their homes and properties. In all three cases, they took a systems approach by making several improvements to their houses concurrently such that both their overall CO2 production and energy costs went down. The case studies featured projects that involved insulation, window replacement and geothermal heating and cooling. In each case we learned about project costs and payback. A time for Q & A followed.

Stewardship Sunday

November 14, 2021 – 5:00pm

We gathered for worship, with a special focus on stewarding our congregation for the coming year by considering how each one of us could offer ourselves to this particular community financial or otherwise.

All Saints Worship

November 7, 2021 – 5:00pm

We marked All Saints Day and celebrated that pillar of our faith: that all belongs to God. In our best times, we rejoice in what God has done. In our most difficult moments, we seek God’s comforting embrace. 

2021 had not been the year we thought it would be, as the pandemic lingered, the losses continued, and our isolation seemed endless. We are finding our way in this new season together, as we always have, celebrating the joy of being together and making sense of all that has brought us here. 

It seemed particularly important this year that we drew near to one another to celebrate the lives of the saints that make our lives what they are. We gathered as the autumn light faded from the treetops and fall’s familiar chill filled the air.

City Mission’s Green Book Tour of Boston

Saturday, September 11, 2021

City Mission invited congregants to join them for the Annual Green Book Tour of Boston. The Green Book was considered to be the AAA guide for Black motorists who took to American roads. First published in 1936, during the period of Jim Crow segregation, it identified establishments that would accept the business of African Americans. This included information about hotels, restaurants, gas stations, barber shops, drug stores, and more. To stay safe, Black people never left home without a plan and a copy of the Green Book. The tour was led by Rev. June Cooper.

PFAS and Drinking Water Discussion

June 3, 2021 – 7:00pm

MetroWest Climate Solutions hosted a discussion on PFAS, the “forever chemicals,” – a class of toxic chemicals found in everyday products such as non-stick pans and stain-repellant fabrics and clothing. Because these synthetic compounds do not break down easily in the environment, these chemicals are showing up as contaminants in drinking water systems around the country. We explored what can be done about this growing problem and how much should we worry.

Speakers included Dr. Laurel Schaider, Senior Scientist at the Silent Spring Institute, and Laura Spark, Senior Policy Advocate for Clean Water Action. The program was moderated by Elizabeth Saunders, Massachusetts State Director at Clean Water.  

Interfaith and Multi-Congregational Witness

June 8, 2020

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